There’s this pretty look you get when you have your curly hair on. Of all the curly hair looks, the one with the most pronounced “S” curls and probably the most popular curly wigs in the industry is the body wave wig. Of course, the curls contribute to the popularity of a body wave wig, but it’s not all that matters. 

The natural look of the body wave wig is the most attractive property, in our opinion. So instead of the curls signaling a wig, it appears as your naturally curly hair. However, because the body wave wig was naturally made to curly, a part of the maintenance will ensure the curls remain. 

With the curls in place, there are many styles you can try out with your body wave wig. If you want, you can even straighten your body wave wig and style it that way. In this guide, we’ll examine the best ways to style your body wave wig. 

Install The Body Wave Wig Correctly

The first step to a great body wave wig style, whether it’s a lace front wig for women or not, is proper installation. To start with, you need to get quality adhesives to glue the wig to your hairline. Ensure that the adhesive doesn’t react adversely with your skin.

Apply the glue on your hairline, and leave for the required minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After this process, you can fix the wig on your hair and apply pressure until it’s firm on the head. If the body wave hair has a lace front wig, you’ll need to check the closure for any protruding hair and trim.

Wet The Body Wave Hair

Already, the body wave hair has curls, so you can already expect some entanglements. Hence, you can’t style your hair by using a comb on the dry hair- it will mess it up. The best way to make the styling easy is to wet the hair a little, then use your hands to comb through the hair to ensure it’s smooth and curly. 

Choose Your Desired Style

All over the Internet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of body wave hairstyles you can choose from. What you should consider before selecting a style, however, is the expertise of the stylist. If you’re going to style the hair yourself, you shouldn’t ruin the process by choosing a complex style. However, if you have a great stylist, you can select the type you want and remain confident. 

How to Straighten a Body Wave Wig

As mentioned earlier, a body wave wig already comes with its curls and is usually long. The length may be between 28 and 38 long with a density of 150. Irrespective of how curly the body wave wig is, you can straighten it to style it. It’s better to call on an expert to help straighten it. But if you want to DIY, you’ll need an iron that’s not too hot and too cold to do the job. Before you try straightening the hair, ensure it’s spotless and void of particles. 


A body wave hair gives you several options to style, as we have discussed in this guide. However, since the body wave wig already has its style, it’s better to contact a hairstylist if you need to change the style. 


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