How often do you wash and condition your wig?

Your wig needs regular cleaning & conditioning to prolong its durability and enhance its appearance.

In addition, failure to clean and condition your wig destroys its aesthetic value. Therefore, give care to your wig, and it’ll serve you long enough.

Lace front wigs require regular cleaning to look great and longer. You must put in the required effort for your wig to remain clean and in good condition.

Wash and condition your wig at least once a week. That way, you prevent it from tangling. You don’t have to wash your wig as often as natural hair. Too much washing harms your wig, while limited washing encourages tangling.

Below are steps to guide you on how to wash and condition your lace front wig.

1. Choose The Right Water Temperature

When washing your wig, ensure the water you use has the right temperature. Too high temperature is harmful to your lace front wig.

There are many opinions on the internet on the right temperature for washing your wig. As such, make sure you follow the right advice from a professional beautician.

Warm water works wonders and doesn’t make your wig tangle up.

Further, warm water maintains the curl style. Instead, if you want to remove the style, use hot water when washing your lace front wig.

Hot water removes wig styles effectively. However, it shouldn’t go up to the boiling point since that’s too hot. Also, boiling water destroys the texture of your lace wig.

The correct temperature is between 77-860F. Temperatures above 860F deform the lace cap. Besides, they make your wig lose its firmness.

On the other hand, extremely cold water won’t melt the shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, warm water works best.

2.Always Use a Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

There are many damage-free shampoos and wig conditioners available in the market.

For that reason, choose a shampoo that suits your wig style.

Of importance, don’t apply the shampoo directly to your wig.

To begin the application process, mix the right amount of shampoo and water.

Don’t apply the shampoo unevenly. Instead, apply it step by step for even distribution. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread the shampoo while spreading warm water on the hair to do it effectively.

In simple terms, mix a fair amount of the shampoo with lukewarm water before you begin applying it to the wig.

Also, use a hair conditioner by applying it to the ends of your hair fiber.

Note: Hair conditioner is harmful when applied around the roots.

The Parting Shot

Nothing gives a woman like a good-looking lace front wig. More so, a clean and conditioned wig gives you self-confidence.

As a result, wash and condition your lace front wig regularly. Follow the correct procedure to attain the best results.

Don’t ignore the effect of shampoo when doing the conditioning.

Lastly, if you want your wig to serve you for long, dry it well.


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