Pressure washers are essential for keeping your property clean and free of grime, dirt, and even mould. They are particularly important if you are a business owner or a homeowner who has a lot of roof or driveway space to clean.

When you start the process of purchasing a pressure washer deciding on what to choose can be quite difficult at first. This is so because the industry is overwhelmed with different models each of which have its own set of features, something you won’t necessarily find on a basic garden hose.

Fuel consumption is a major factor when considering a pressure washer. How much fuel do pressure washers consume? When shopping for your pressure washer, it is important to remember the overall operating cost you may have to pay.

What Affects Fuel Consumption

Today’s pressure washers are more powerful and they consume more fuel than ever before. How much do they consume and what affects fuel consumption? Well, it varies from machine to machine but specific things such as the engine, pump size, and the number of nozzles certainly affect it.

With the proper research and understanding, getting a pressure washer that consumes a low amount of fuel is possible. It will help you to save on your utility bills and make less noise.

How to Know the Fuel Consumption of a Pressure Washer.

You need to know how much your pressure washer will consume in order to avoid running out of fuel and not being able to finish the job. Reducing the amount of fuel used per job is an obvious way to save money but it could be more than that.

The fuel consumption of pressure washers varies depending on the factors below. Look at how many liters or gallons are delivered per hour/minute or per tank fill-up as this can vary substantially between models and brands. You should look at the label on your machine before buying new or used ones and make sure it has a label showing its fuel consumption.

The gas consumption of the pressure washers is measured in time and volume, once the time for a specific job takes to complete divided by the volume of fuel consumed.

The power of the pressure washer also contributes to how much fuel is used by it. It mostly depends on the PSI of the pressure washer and not its Gallon per Minute value, despite what many people believe.

The way that fuel is consumed in power washers can make it either highly efficient or very wasteful. The washers that have a high fuel consumption usually have a higher horsepower as they use more pressure and thus more water as well.

Where to Get a Fuel-Saving Pressure Washer

If you’re looking to save money on your utility bills while helping the environment, you could consider purchasing a pressure washer with rotating spray nozzles, the air and water temperatures can be better regulated. This lessens the amount of fuel consumed by your pressure washer.

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