When the Spring of your roll up garage doors goes bad, it goes against the main purpose of the garage door. When you buy a garage door, the first hope is that the door protects and conceals whatever is inside the room. You may not want the public in on what is happening in your garage, or you may wish your valuables at a safe point, hence the garage. Whichever the case may be, the roll up doors require springs to function properly, and when these springs go wrong, the door may even become dangerous to use. Already, before the springs go bad completely, closing the door will have been a struggle. At some point, the doors may close at high speed, and if you are not too careful, you may end up injured.

When your door springs are bad, the best thing you need is to call an expert. Of course, you should not contact an expert before you confirm they need replacement. Sometimes, when the door springs are not functioning well, a simple adjustment may get the job done. Calling an expert will give you a clear understanding of the problem and the best solution. But as DIY enthusiasts, we have done many repairs on our own without needing an expert to do anything. Therefore, calling an expert to fix the springs of a door may sound insulting. When the springs go bad, the most common one is the torsion springs. If one of the torsion springs goes bad, it is better to change both. That way, you can test assyre that you have fixed it. If you hire an expert to repair your door, you will spend some money. In order to save that money, you will need to sacrifice a bit of time, patience, and energy. You can follow the process

Get the Necessary Materials

If you will need to repair the spring of your roll up door, you will need tools. During the installation of a garage door, firmness and durability are highly considered. That is why its installation involves a lot of screws and nuts to ensure it is in place.

Secure the door

Whether you are working on torsional or side-mounted springs, you will need to ensure the door remains at its position while you work on it. For the torsional springs, you will be working with the door closed, so it needs to be secure. With the side-mounted springs, the door will be open while you work, so you need to be sure, so it does not come down with force.

Unscrew and remove old springs carefully

Unscrewing the springs of a roll up door is usually not easy, regardless of the spring type. For the side-mounted, it is a lot easier – all you need to do is to Unhook and unscrew the springs. In the case of a torsional spring, it takes a more complex process. Therefore, you may need an expert.


The hard part of repairing and replacing the spring of the roll up garage door is detaching the old spring. After that, all that remains is to buy similar new springs and install the new springs the exact way you met them.


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