Vaping and suorin drop vape pods have recently gained a lot of attention and it continues to rapidly grow to prove that it lives up to their hype. Today we’ll be seeing about one such vape pod which is Suorin Drop 2 Vape Pod. In this article, we will peek into insights of Suorin Drop vape, reasons on what makes Suorin Drop vape so cool and exciting, Suorin Drop vape specifications, a list of things on what you’ll get in your shipping package, and where you can buy the Suorin Drop vape.

What Makes Suorin Drop Vape So Cool & Exciting?

Now let’s look into an impressive list of reasons that makes Suorin Drop vape so cool and exciting:

  • Its small body houses a big power and its curvy design is perfect as it seems to perfectly fit in the palm of the others. Its aesthetic and visual element speaks for themselves with its beautiful list of color options.
  • Its hidden fire button design on the sides is unique and has been designed to avoid accidental firing.
  • It has a refillable pod cartridge that offers ways to be replaced and refilled at your convenience.
  • Its airway is designed in a better way so that the user gets to experience the flavor better.
  • Type-C charging interface provides a fast charging option which means you can quickly resume once it’s done charging.
  • It is equipped with a total of 4 LED lights that not only inform the user when the atomizer is installed but also indicate the battery status. In case it’s full all 4 lights are on and if it’s low then it’s a red blinking light.

Suorin Vape Pod Specifications

Let’s move on to the list of specifications of the Suorin Drop vape in detail:

  • Starting with the atomizer capacity of the Suorin Drop vape, it has a capacity of 3.7ml which is an impressive amount for a vape pod.
  • It has a coil resistance of 1.0Ω.
  • Its max output is around
  • It has a efficient battery capacity of 1000mAh
  • Suorin Drop vape is made of a mixture of materials likezinc alloy, plastic, and lastly IML.
  • Its charging interface is Type-C. Now this means that the charging cable is type C and this allows for it to be recharged. This works efficiently as it can be charged to the fullest in a matter of 60 minutes.

What You’ll Get In The Shipping Package?

Here’s a list of things that you’ll get in your shipping package:

  • While you purchase a Suorin Drop vape, you’ll be receiving one Suorin Drop 2 kit along with it.
  • The Suorin Drop vape also comes with a Type-C cable that allows the user to charge their vape pod using that cable and reuse it once it’s fully recharged.
  • In addition to this, it also comes with a user manual which includes information regarding how the e-liquid can be refilled, how it can be turned on or off, battery capacity status, and a lot more.

Where To Buy Suorin Vape Pod?


Youmeit is a platform that houses Suorin Vape Pod and you can buy it directly from Youmeit itself. It provides high-quality Suorin Vape Pods so you need not worry about the quality or any such thing because it also has incredible features.


You can get these Suorin Drop 2 Vape Pods at Youmeit at an affordable price. It also offers a variety of color options such as black, peacock plume, red amber, sky blue, yellow amber, and the scream. It has a lot of spectacular features so you should consider buying this and enjoy a great vaping experience.


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