We all want a beautiful and clear face; we all want to be noticed for our beautiful faces. Sadly, we put in so much work into getting this flawless look, all to no avail. The tone on our face is not as bright as we want, and our day-to-day activities do not permit us to take a day off to go to the salon to give our face the pampering it needs to glow to our satisfaction.

Some of us don’t even have a routine we follow in taking care of our face. All you need is an effective way to clean our face to give us that tone we’ve always wanted and bring out the beauty in our smile, excitement even on a stressed face. Let’s show you the steps to make your face clean and give you professional tips on keeping blemishes off your skin.

Steps to Effectively Cleanse Your Face

1) Cleansing: To have a bright and clear face, wash your face thoroughly with either a face cleanser or a face wash. Then, you should dry off your face with a neat soft towel. In this process,  hot water is to be avoided as it dries out the skin. After this process, you unclog your pores and remove leftover dirt by dipping a cotton pad into cleansing milk and gently wiping your face with it.

2) Steaming:  Steaming up your face also helps your skin look attractive. You are to steam your skin for as long as you can last. However,  most people steam for 5 minutes. Then you wipe your face with a facial tissue-like blotting paper for face. After that,  an ice cube is to be rubbed on the face to make the pores tighter and bring back the skin temperature. This step works perfectly on oily skin.

3) Scrubbing: Dead skin cells usually make the skin dull, and to avoid this, you should apply face scrub for some minutes. After scrubbing the face for about 5 minutes and leaving it on the face for 3 more minutes before washing it off, you can use a sugar and honey mixture to make the skin glow using natural ingredients. No matter the skin type the step is used on,  the effect is always noticeable as it helps the face look brighter after this routine is performed.

4) Face pack: The face pack application helps improve the skin’s tone and makes the skin soft. Beauty experts have also profounded that tomatoes, bananas, and papaya have a cleansing and tightening effect on the skin.

5)Toning: You apply toner like cucumber juice, rose water on your face in this step. This maintains the PH balance on the skin.

6) Moisturization: Here, apply a nourishing body cream on your face and neck. It’s advised that a milder cleanser free from alchohol should be used on dry skin. You can follow this routine before going to bed and wake up to a fresh and glowing face in the morning.


You shouldn’t strive to look good; no one should. Despite what most people think, there are so many other easy and healthy ways of making you look better. For example,  practices as simple as cleansing your face could go a long way in giving you that gorgeous facial look you so rightly deserve


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