Moments are perfect. And capturing every precious moment isn’t an ordinary task. Here the Insta 360 comes that not only captures the moment. But; also retains its liveliness.

Insta 360 is best for use on the go. Although, its great portability and easy use make it admired. But only a compact lens with a packed case doesn’t give the ultimate thrill. There are some accessories to help you capture perfection.

Today’s post is all about the accessories which will help enhance your entire insta360 experience.


Although trends like vlogging conquer the public’s interests, microphones have their spot. An Insta external microphone helps capture clear audio with high-quality images. Hence, making every shot memorable.

Fast Charger

As a photographer or an adventurer, you need some charging backup. Fast chargers offer a lot of ease with their fast charging and multiple batteries support. They prove a worthy investment in all situations.

The Invisible Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are pretty great. But what if you could somehow make it invisible? That is where the invisible selfie stick comes up. The stick disappears when used with the 360 and makes the camera appear afloat.

For a traveler who discovered an interesting spot; an airborne camera effect is great.

Venture and Dive Cases

Sometimes you are an Insta 360 owner and have a spirit to take on a challenging journey. But, don’t want to ruin your camera. A venture case is worth trying.

Moreover, Insta360 also offers a dive case. These cases prove a valuable purchase for water photography lovers. Insta protective cases are highly protective and help keep your camera scratch-less and dry.

Bluetooth Controller

The Insta 360 shoots every moment but, sometimes it’s a bit too much. But, thanks to the Bluetooth control, now you can control and time your camera as you please.

Lens Protective Guards

Some users deem venture cases a hassle. For them, the lens guards are a comfy pick. These are thick materials with higher protective strength. And help you click the best moments fearless of damaging the lens.

Back Bar

Photographers are not always adventures. But, sometimes they are bikers also. Luckily, Insta 360 provides the solution for that. The back bars hold the camera fixed on your bike while you wheel around and capture amazing shots.

Bullet Time Cord

The bullet time cord enhances your Insta 360 experience. The cord helps rotate the camera to a 360 angle that helps capture amazing footage.

Moreover, it shoots the images and videos with accuracy. Hence, giving your audience a real-time glimpse of the scene.

A Carrying Case

Scratched cameras are not intriguing. Hence, to retain the charm of your 360, you need something safe and portable. The carrying case is a durable and reliable option for safely transmitting your device. Moreover, it is also fall-resistant.

Expert Advice When It Comes To Buying Insta 360 Accessories

The markets offer a bunch of accessories. But only you know which ones suit you. For an idea, check out the expert list below.

  • Extra batteries
  • Protective cases
  • Bullet time cord
  • Lens safety guards and selfies sticks.

Take away

In conclusion, the Insta 360 is popular among photographers and travelers for its amazing portability. But, take your experience close to perfection. Although there are dozens of accessories, only the users know which suits them best.

Still, there is a trick for picking the best accessories. Reading the other user’s experience and preferring the official products results in a quality buy.


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