No matter what battery you are using, it wears out with time and that means you can only do your best while it is good. If you use a notebook battery that’s as strong as the HP TE03XL Notebook Battery, one major concern would be to ensure that it stays strong for long.

This article will show you everything you need to know about caring for your notebook battery. After going through this article, you should know how to maintain, not only your PC batter but also the batteries of your other gadgets. Let’s go through it.

Taking care of your notebook battery

The following should help you maintain your battery with ease.

1. Use the original charger

One of the best ways to ensure that your notebook battery remains as strong as always is to ensure that you’re regularly charging it with a charger that’s specified by the manufacturer. It doesn’t only help you keep your charger healthy, it also ensures that your battery charges fast and stays charged for longer.

2. Unplug it after a full charge

Always monitor your battery as it charges. Once you see a full bar, disconnect it from electricity and let it go down naturally. Overcharging your notebook battery weakens it over time. You may not notice it immediately; however, the more you overcharge it, the quicker it dies in the long run.

3. Never let it go below 40%

Although letting it go below 40% will not cause any harm to it, it is a good way to stop your battery from getting critically low before you plug it in again. It gets better for you because leaving it always above 40 means that you can take your notebook wherever you want without being worried about when it will go off.

4. Store it in a cool and dry place

One of the major killers of batteries is heat and moisture. Heat is also one of the reasons why you should not keep charging your notebook battery even after a full charge. If you work in a completely air-conditioned environment, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you can’t get an air-conditioned room, you can get one of those laptop coolants online.

5. Have a spare

Having a spare battery may not be the big deal you want to hear about but it helps you to keep your original battery safe and moderately worked. For someone who uses their system always, getting a spare battery won’t only help you care for the original but also help you to maintain a productivity level where you can’t charge immediately.

6. Get a battery monitoring app

It’s a no-brainer to always be able to monitor the progress and health of your battery at all times. You may not see what unwanted running apps are eating up your battery all the time. A battery monitoring application will help you when you should charge and what applications you should turn off.


Keep your notebook battery well cared for by following the above simple steps and you will never have to deal with bad batteries anymore.

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