When building your FIFA 22 dream team, you can sell and buy whatever you want. But to do that, you need coins. As it games goes, the more coins you will need, the more you can buy. So you need to get coins as much as possible. But if this is your first time, you might ask, what are FIFA 22 coins?

A brief guide to FIFA 22 coins

The FIFA 22 coin is a virtual currency that allows you to buy packs in the game store and do other activities like trading FUT items in the transfer market or play in the draft mode. Playing matches is a sure way to earn those coins, but you can also reach them by trading items on the FUT transfer market when receiving gifts and rewards or discarding items.

When viewing the FUT screen, you can see your FIFA 22 coins’ status at the left top corner of the screen, along with your club’s name, FIFA point number, and your FUT record. Although if you played FIFA 21, you would not carry over your coins to the FIFA 22 version.

Several ways of getting FIFA 22 coins.

Buying the coins of FIFA 22 often goes against the terms of service. However, if you insist on buying those coins, you might as well do it correctly. You don’t want to be fooled by scammers who are only after your money. Here are several ways to get those FIFA 22 coins.

1· Auctioning of your players

You can decide to sell any players to get the price of the highest price range possible. It will match up to the coin amount of your order.

2· Comfort transfers

In this scenario, you can give a coin seller your account credentials and coins, and they will take care of the transfers of the coins completely.

3· Mule account

This method entails that you are given an account, and that account is deposited with the desired amount of FIFA 22 coins you want. After the deposit, you can then take over the transfer and account yourself.

4· FIFA Auction house

You can do this by listing a player of little worth in the FIFA auction house. The seller will buy this player, and that will facilitate the transfer of coins to you.

Final Words

To end this article, you must know that Buying coins are not in alignment with the game terms, and EA has no business for the transaction you are about to make. So if the entire thing crumbles, there is no one to turn to. Under no circumstances should you give your account information to anyone. The best is for yourself while playing the game is to buy from someone who has a good reputation.

Because online sale offers can be risky, especially when the seller is unknown, you need to avoid using your credit card, and try other methods like PayPal, be sure that the seller is reliable. Never give out your private information.


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