Colored hair wigs are all the rage currently. The wig-manufacturing industry has left no stone unturned when creating colored wigs. The market features dozens upon dozens of colored wig options. There are unlimited color options for wigs, from different shades of blonde to brunette and ginger wigs. While wearing these wigs may be fun and luxurious, the hard work comes in their maintenance. Improper maintenance of colored wigs can result in the colors fading. This write-up discusses tips for keeping your colored hair wigs from fading.

How to protect your colored hair wigs from fading

Colored hair wigs are only as attractive as the quality of their color. This means they may lose their aesthetic appeal when the color starts to fade. For this reason, the following tips will come in handy;

1. Avoid washing colored hair wigs with hot water

The easiest way to protect your colored hair wigs from losing their color is by avoiding hot water when washing them. Hot water breaks the cuticle seals that maintain the hair color. However, this does not mean that you have to wash your wig with cold water. You can swap out hot water to lukewarm water.

2. Rinse the colored hair wigs with cold water

While you can wash your colored hair wigs with lukewarm water, it would be wise not to use the same water for rinsing. Using hot or warm water to rinse the wig will cause the dye to fade. It will also make it more prone to drying and becoming dull. This is why cold water is recommended.

3. Do not wash your colored hair wig too often

In addition to the tips above, you can also protect your colored hair wigs from fading by not washing them too often. The more you wash the wigs, the more the dye fades, even if you follow the first two tips above. Therefore, you can swap out your regular wig cleaning routine for dry shampoo and wash it less often.

4. Use the right colored hair wig products

Proper cleaning and maintenance products can keep your colored hair wig from fading. For instance, you will need a suitable shampoo and conditioner, depending on the wig color. You will also need the right comb and for the wig. Using the right comb will keep it from breaking and losing the colored parts, especially for highlighted wigs.

5. Do not expose your colored hair wigs to the sun

As you protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, your colored hair wig may also benefit from this. The heat from the sun can cause the color to fade. It breaks down the color by damaging the cuticles that seal it in place. You can protect your hair from the sun by applying heat protectant spray to it before going out. You can also put on a hat or avoid the sun in general.


The tips listed above will help your colored hair wigs last longer and maintain their appeal longer. Note that the tips may differ depending on the color. For instance, the maintenance tips for ginger hair are not the same as those for honey blonde hair.


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